Wedding Venues in Mallorca

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6 Spectacular locations to celebrate your marriage in the Mediterranean

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Wedding venues in Mallorca


Have you got your heart set on a romantic wedding in the Mallorca sunshine? 


Mallorca is rapidly becoming a highly sought after destination for lovers of all ages to celebrate their wedding. The legalities may be easier taken care of back home, but for the celebration the island offers magical, fairytale settings to bring family and friends together and tie the knot.

Given its popularity, weddings are often best celebrated just on the edges of summer, in June or September, though with a bit of forward planning means you can perfectly well have your wedding bang in the middle of July or August too. 

The other bonus about the island is that iut can offer the whole range of wedding services: wedding planners, flowers, catering, music, djs and transportation is readily available. And let's face it, the island is beautiful, the weather glorious and you can fly all your family and friends out for a margin of what you would expect to pay to get anywhere else.


Dream venues in Mallorca for your wedding celebration!


Son Marroig


Wedding venues in Mallorca


The most instagrammable of all the wedding venues on the island, if you've done any online wedding venue searching at all, you have probably seen pictures of this spectacular site. Complete with white marble temple and far reaching sea views, Son Marroig is almost too good to be true. The spot is set on the former property of Archduke Louis Salvador of Austria near Deià in the Tramuntana.


S’Esglèsia Nova 


Wedding venues in Mallorca


Located in Son Servera, on the island's east coast, near Cala Millor, S' Esglèsia Nova is a rather unusual setting. The neogothic church works began at the beginnng of the last century but were never completed. as such there are the vaulted church walls but no roof, and the ground is covered in grass. As you can probably imagine, this makes for quite a beautiful setting for an outdoor summer wedding in Mallorca.


Beach weddding venues in Mallorca


Nikki Beach


Wedding venues in Mallorca


Glam beach venue on the south coast, Nikki Beach is the summer party venue on the island, host to some of the wildest parties, sure to entertain. Djs, dancers, cocktails, fire shows, you name it, the place is set practically on the sand, decor is white throughout and as a fun spot for a white wedding beach celebration in Mallorca.

For more on Nikki Beach, see our blog on Beach clubs and bars in Mallorca.


Luxury hotel venues in Mallorca


Hotel Formentor


Wedding venues in Mallorca


Located on a the north coast of Mallorca, Hotel Formentor has long been the venue of weddings, celebrations and a celebrity hangout. Grace Kelly spent part of her honeymoon here, Charlie Chapplin and Marilyn Monroe have patronised its hotel rooms. It oozes glamour and the quintessential elegance that never fades. Picture it: shaded by pine trees, on the white sand looking out over the Bay of Pollensa.


St Regis Mardavall Hotel


Wedding venues in Mallorca


An established wedding venue near the glamorous Porto Portals marina, The Mardavall delivers on every level and assures you get the seascape setting, 5 star service and all the exquisite sumptuousness of a luxury wedding celebration on the Mediterranean.


Cap Rocat Boutique Hotel


Wedding venues in Mallorca


A former military fortress on the Bay of Palma, Cap Rocat is now a tastefully restored, high end, luxury 5 star hotel. The setting, overlooking Palma Bay, is exceptional and its servive and cuisine are highly acclaimed.


What time of year is best to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca?


Any time is good for a Mallorca wedding but the preferred months are notably June and September when crowds are low and the weather is sublime. If you prefer a winter wedding, January is unusually temperate in Mallorca, enjoying what is locally known as the Calmas de Enero, the January Calms, when the sea is exceptionally good for sailing and the days are beautifully clear and sunny. October is often balmy and water tempetures can remain warm as late as November, but you do risk sudden pownpours. All summer is great to, but book early, 12 million tourists descend on the island at any given time and you risk unwanted guests at the party!