Winter shuttle service in Mallorca

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Reliable, low-cost winter shuttle service in Mallorca for winter sun holidays


Winter shuttle service in Mallorca


With all the amazing flight deals around at the moment, special winter bargains and Black Friday offers on last minute getaways, we thought it may be a good idea to tell you about Palma de Mallorca, the Mallorca capital and the island as a whole.

There are deals which will land you here for as little as 50 euros both ways, albeit at unsociable hours. But with the Mallorca Holiday Transfers 24 h winter shuttle service in Mallorca what time you fly doesn't really matter too much anyway. 


Easy and accessible 


Our shuttle service in Mallorca provides just that; transportation in the most suitable vehicle to and from Palma Airport to your destination and transfers anywhere on the island. You can book a car to take you to the 3 or 4 places you want to visit, collect you at the end of the day, carry supplies, move your bikes and generally take care of transport and logistics during your stay.


Mallorca in Winter


Most people associate Mallorca with the brilliant sunshine of summer, the sandy and golden beaches, cafes in the sand. We don't often think of Mallorca in winter. It is a forgotten place. And yet, there it is, possibly, some would say, at its very best. 

The weather is never really cold, certainly not grim. It can snow on the mountain peaks and rain in a sudden downpour, but for the most part, Mallorca in winter is bliss.


Winter shuttle service in Mallorca : Seeing Palma


The island's capital, Palma, can hold its own in any line up up European capital cities; small and wrapped around the large Bay of Palma, it is Medieval and modern all at once, with traces of Roman, Jewish and Moorish ancestry, and vibrant throughout the year. In winter the villages hibernate and coastal towns close down, but in Palma it comes alive with Christmas lights and local festivities.

One option is to hire a car but you won't really need it in the city, so it may be a waste of time and money. But if you are hoping to combine Palma with some sightseeing or adventure out in the villages and the countryside, then you will need some way to get there. A winter shuttle service in Mallorca provides customised, book as and when needed, flexible transfers to and from Palma de Mallorca.


The best weather 


Some like it hot.

But others like the fresh, clear days and winter sunshine you get in Mallorca out of season.

Cyclists, ramblers, bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds come to Mallorca in winter. There are so many things to do; hiking in the Tramuntana Mountains, horse riding, kite surfing. The sailing is good in January and bar the occasional wet day here and there, Mallorca is worryingly dry, not great for the water supply, but safe if you are looking to visit for a short winter escape.

For hiking and cycling tours, bird watching excursions and treks on horseback, you have a winter shuttle service in Mallorca to take you to the start of routes and collect you at the other end.


Winter Markets


Most of us love shopping. Whether it is shopping for clothes, for presents, for things for our homes, for books, music and antiques... Some of us go on holidays just for the shopping and there is no better time than winter. In Mallorca in winter you can go shopping in the village fairs and markets, and pick up handmade artisan products and local delicacies. But to do so, you will need transport; you will need a winter shuttle service in Mallorca.

It isn't that it's too big, it really isn't all that big at all. But Mallorca can be tricky to move around and all the fairs and markets are in the small villages and that means lots of driving. Besides, it is always a hassle to find parking in the city. So, for the easy and most comfortable option, you can get driven by our winter shuttle service in Mallorca.


A winter shuttle service in Mallorca for all your transfer needs on the island